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Our members act for either freeholders or leaseholders and in some instances for both. ALEP is not politically aligned and lobbies neither for nor against freeholders or leaseholders. Freeholders are recognised as being compelled to sell a valuable asset under the legislation and ALEP does not campaign for wholesale overhaul of leasehold tenure. It is our aim to help leaseholders, freeholders and members navigate the complexities of the current legislation. We strive to comment in an even-handed way wherever possible on both sides of the leasehold divide and have no axe to grind.

Background information

Understanding leasehold enfranchisement
Freeholder obligations

Specific situations

Section 5 Notices (sale of freehold via 'right of first refusal')
Dealing with disputes (First-tier Tribunal)

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    Less than two weeks until our Autumn conference gets underway! Looking forward to seeing you all there #ALEPConf

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    Piers Harrison @pharrison591 @TanfieldLaw will present his insight into recent #leasehold cases #ALEPconf

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    John Midgley @seddons & Leigh Shapiro @trowers to discuss the #Leasehold Reform (Amendment) Act 2014 at #ALEPconf

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