Harness the power of your ‘career brain’

Wednesday 8 July 2020


Harness the power of your ‘career brain’


The COVID19 pandemic has brought many challenges. Many practitioners have been furloughed, more still are working from home, juggling childcare, schooling and caring for elderly parents. 

Sadly, it is likely that some of our colleagues who have issues with mental health in the best of times, will have struggled with lack of social contact and anxiety in these most difficult of times. Many will have lost someone – indeed our sector has lost a number of friends in recent weeks - or had the worry of illness. 

This seminar, which is free for ALEP members, will be led by executive coach, Lucinda Harlow.   

Lucinda will offer views on how, as we ease tentatively from lockdown, how we can look to gain clarity, build resilience and identify positive beliefs to take forward in our lives and work. 

About the seminar 

Harness the power of your ‘career brain’
The truth about what really makes you tick and how it brings success and happiness to your work.

Lucinda explains: 

‘Harvard educationalist Timothy Gallwey said: ‘Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance.  It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.’ 

So how do we begin to harness the power of our ‘career brain’ and, more relevant, how can we do this when the odds seem stacked against us in the current crisis? 

I have been struck during the pandemic by the overwhelming surge of people telling us what we ‘should’ do. As if we did not know that routine, sleep, exercise and eating healthily is critical to our physical and mental wellbeing. Then there is the surge of self-improvement around embroidery, DIY projects, home baking and the fascination with posting our newly learnt and ‘loving it’ new skills on social media! Yet, what is not heard about so often is the all too familiar feeling of having not done it. 

The question I would like to pose is – why? Do you know the things that stop you moving forward? If we can begin to look at the way we think, feel and behave at work, and see how this affects our outcomes, then we are at the starting line to make significant changes. Knowing our own mind is the key to understanding why we do not do what we ‘should’ d an nd how to overcome this so we can achieve what we want with significantly less of an uphill battle.

We are going to look at Beliefs and Values as they are at the heart of your decisions and behaviours.  The code by which you live. 

To quote Mark Twain ‘If you do what you always have done, you will get what you always got.’

So, the starting point when looking at your ‘career brain’ is to take a good look at what you do or don’t do in order to understand what it is that makes you tick.

Aims of the webinar

  • To know what beliefs and values are
  • To understand how your beliefs and values affect your action and results in your career
  • To identify some of your own beliefs and values
  • To be able to challenge the beliefs and values that hold you back
  • To understand how using your brain differently can make structural changes in the prefrontal cortex and facilitate behaviour change.

The benefits to you

To become aware of the internal barriers that stop you getting what you want in your career - your beliefs and values guide your automatic responses that shape your behaviour and results. 

About Lucinda Harlowe: 

Lucinda Harlowe is the owner of Uevolve and is a career coach specialising in performance enhancement and Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  Lucinda works with organisations and individuals, and her client-base sees her working across sectors including investment banking and finance, law, marketing and communications.  Lucinda has an insight into the leasehold reform sector as she is married to Jeremy Dharmasena, partner and head of Knight Frank’s Leasehold Reform & Litigation department.

Please complete the booking form to confirm your place and once completed, please send to events@alep.org.uk