The Science of Happiness

Thursday 3 December 2020


The Science of Happiness

About the seminar

The Science of Happiness

Lucinda explains:

‘Eminent psychologist Professor Bruce Hood has carried out world-leading research into how the brain works and how humans think. 

As Professor Hood observes: “We’re living in a climate where there are challenges to mental wellbeing. Most people think that the path to happiness is success in jobs, salaries, material possessions, and relationships.”

The aim of my seminar is to give ALEP members a greater understanding of what happiness is and how our minds often sabotage happiness. By developing greater awareness, we can be better equipped to pre-empt and improve the mental health of ourselves and others.  Thanks to the COVID pandemic, we all face further challenges as we near the end of 2020 and, despite the potential of an imminent vaccine, we wait to see what 2021 will bring. 

This seminar, which will include practical exercises as well as formal content and Q&A, will be delivered online.  

About Lucinda Harlowe:

Lucinda Harlowe is the owner of Uevolve and is a career coach specialising in performance enhancement and Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  Lucinda works with organisations and individuals, and her client-base sees her working across sectors including investment banking and finance, law, marketing and communications

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