How to quit smoking

Time for a new lifestyle.
Do not tell yourself that you quit smoking - say that you have changed your whole life for the better. Cigarettes are an insidious addiction that often goes hand in hand with other bad habits. Do you eat a lot and fat? Do you often drink alcohol? Are you experiencing serious setbacks at work and accumulating stress? All these factors negatively affect your health and additionally stimulate the desire for a "bubble".
People who quit smoking are advised to avoid drinking alcohol for several weeks or even months and find other ways to relieve stress in a situation outside the gate. Avoiding the circumstances in which you still pulled a cigarette, you help yourself to abandon the temptation.
This may mean that you are temporarily restricting contact with smoking friends. Don't you want to break the friendship? Bring a friend to a common challenge and motivate each other. Try to find a new common hobby - it can be a bicycle or a zumba. Remember that exercise releases endorphins, giving you a “naturally high” and regulating level of cortisol, the stress hormone. It is no coincidence that sports fans are much less likely to reach out to a “speech bubble”.
Feel free to ask for help.
Before deciding on any of the widely publicized features in your pharmacy, talk to your family doctor. Together you will evaluate the mechanism and extent of your addiction and decide whether nicotine substitutes or nicotine receptor blockers will be helpful.
Do not be surprised if your doctor suggests you visit. at the psychiatrist. There is a close relationship between depression and smoking. According to the British Mental Health Foundation, the percentage of smokers among patients with depression is two times higher than among people without symptoms of depressed mood. In addition, it is much more difficult for patients to quit smoking.
The reasons for these relationships can be found in brain chemistry. Smoking releases dopamine, a substance that temporarily improves your mood. Therefore, cigarettes can mask the symptoms of depression or depressed mood, and the patient does not know about this, simply increasing the intake of nicotine. Perhaps the path to your success is psychotherapy or drug therapy?
Even if the psychiatrist excludes your addiction, do not refuse psychological help. In the clinic you can also use the services of a coach. Although this profession may be related to false prophets from the Internet, a professional trainer can provide you with personalized care and work on specific lifestyle changes. This form of counseling is focused on the fastest results, so only a few meetings will help you get rid of addiction.
Get inspired from the Far East.
The effectiveness of acupuncture in the fight against nicotine addiction has never been scientifically proven, but try to tell a person who believes this is simply quitting smoking. Many former smokers highly praise visits to Chinese medical experts, so maybe you should try this method on your own skin?
Doing yoga or meditation will also help you part with your speech bubble. They reduce stress and allow you to master breathing techniques, thanks to which you can quickly control emotions and win if you want to ignite. This is especially important if you smoke at work, and any conflict in the team or reprimand from the boss is an occasion to relax with a cigarette.
Stop smoking on the way.
Are you not ready to give up nicotine? Or maybe subsequent attempts to quit smoking were unsuccessful? At the very least, try to limit the harm from your addiction. The British public health agency Public Health England recommends addicted smokers - if they cannot get rid of this addiction at all - to replace regular cigarettes with standard electronic cigarettes or tobacco heaters. Burning tobacco in a cigarette occurs at a temperature of 800 degrees Celsius, heating up to a maximum of 350. The IQOS device, recently approved in the USA, heats the tobacco and releases an aerosol containing on average 90-95 percent. less harmful substances than cigarette smoke. After two years of research and analysis, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognized IQOS as competent in protecting public health.
However, it should be remembered that even heating tobacco still provides the body with nicotine. It is this substance that is responsible for addiction and is not indifferent to health. Therefore, this decision should be seen as the choice of lesser evil if we cannot stop using tobacco forever.
Be patient.
Quitting smoking is like a driving test - it is unlikely that anyone will succeed the first time. American doctors even believe that the average smoker needs from 9 to 11 attempts to finally part with cigarettes. Therefore, do not be discouraged after the first, second or third defeat. If it was easy to quit smoking, there would have been no smokers in the world for a long time.
When you feel discouraged and powerless for another attempt, remember all the reasons why you want to get rid of addiction. Record them on your calendar and remember them regularly.
Also remember that quitting is a difficult time for your body. Therefore, try to eliminate all factors that negatively affect your well-being. Take care of yourself - get enough sleep, eat regularly. Hungry, angry, and tormented, you cannot deal effectively with temptation. Put yourself in first place and celebrate every day without a cigarette. Each of them is your little success. Search for a branch near you and find out HSBC opening times and phone, post code, address, services and more information for all branches of HSBC on our website