If you would like to join ALEP and are a managing agent, project manager, solicitor or valuer, then we welcome an application from your organisation. Barristers may make an individual application to join. We vet all applicants to ensure a consistently high level of service so that leaseholders and freeholders can contact ALEP members with confidence.

The annual membership fee for organisations is £460 + VAT.

The annual membership fee for an individual barrister is £160 + VAT.

ALEP members are able to register additional office(s) for £180 + VAT per office, per year.

An additional office is one which makes available the services of an enfranchisement professional
full time at the additional site(s) and that the address is an actual (i.e. not virtual) office.

Download ALEP Application Form, PDF, 181 kb

Download Barrister Application Form, PDF, 195 kb

Download Additional Office Application Form

Download ALEP Constitution