Our Objectives

Residential leaseholders in England and Wales have various rights in law to purchase their freeholds, extend their leases, and address issues relating to the management of their properties.

There is a wide range of information available to leaseholders and there are a number of different sources of advice that come from a variety of organisations operating in the enfranchisement sector. These include: government bodies, barristers, managing agents, project managers, solicitors, surveyors and valuers.

Many leaseholders are confused by the choices available to them and have not had the knowledge, inclination or perseverance to exercise their rights, whether in conjunction with their neighbours, or on their own. There are a variety of service providers who have recognised this and who assist leaseholders in relation to enfranchisement issues.

ALEP represents these diverse organisations with the following objectives:

  • To promote best practice among members through an evolving code of practice.
  • To provide potential clients with details of member organisations with sufficient knowledge, intent and capacity to provide a satisfactory service.
  • To provide an avenue for recourse for dissatisfied clients of member organisations by means of an effective independent complaints procedure. 
  • To act as a forum for member organisations to exchange ideas and to increase standards throughout the sector.
  • To represent members' interests to government, the press, other associations and the general public.

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