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Freeholder Obligations

As the freehold owner of a property, you have certain obligations to your long leaseholders under the terms of the leases. These may include obligations to repair (subject to reimbursement by way of service charge) and also to insure the property.

You may need assistance in relation to the management of the property and/or selecting a managing agent.

Where a Notice is served on you as legal owner of the freehold interest, either claiming an extended lease or seeking to buy the freehold, you have the right to be advised in relation to this.

It is critically important that any such Notice is not ignored, as failure to respond to it will lead to you being deemed to admit the price proposed by the leaseholders. ALEP members can provide expert advice and assistance in relation to any such Notices which are served.

Additionally, under the legislation some of your costs are payable by the leaseholder.


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