The ALEP logo and style guide is provided to members on confirmation of their successful application. For all other queries or requests regarding the ALEP logo/branding, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note the following in line with ALEP's constitution:

In the event that a membership is terminated for whatever reason, the former member undertakes to immediately cease use of the ALEP logo and any associated marketing products and to return any un-used marketing materials to ALEP.

Likewise, any reference to ALEP on the former member’s website, letterhead, or in any marketing material or advertising is to be removed immediately. ALEP reserves the right to publish a list of non-members or former members.

For the avoidance of doubt, the intellectual property in the ALEP logo and any other materials remains with ALEP at all times and members have a royalty-free licence to use these items for the duration of their membership only.

ALEP’s aim is to bring together experienced practitioners who enable leaseholder and freeholder clients to navigate the complexities of enfranchisement legislation.

ALEP members act for either freeholders or leaseholders and in some instances for both. ALEP is not politically aligned and does not lobby either for or against freeholders, nor in the interests of leaseholders, but in the general interests of the sector. 

The ALEP Protocol

The ALEP Protocol was introduced during the COVID19 pandemic to enable our members to continue delivering for their clients.

An entirely voluntary arrangement, the ALEP Protocol remains in use by ALEP members. It is important to note that it can only be adopted if both parties agree in writing. 

The ALEP Protocol document can be downloaded here.


If you would like to join ALEP and are a barrister, managing agent, project manager, solicitor or valuer meeting our membership criteria, then we welcome your application.

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