ALEP welcomes announcement of Government reforms to leasehold sector – but questions what change will look like in practice

Thursday 7 January 2021

The Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners (ALEP) has welcomed the announcement today (7 January 2021) as to the latest set of reforms to England's leasehold system.

However, the Association calls for clarity and further information regarding timescales, technical legal details and how changes will work in practice.

Mark Chick, Director of ALEP, said: "Today's news shows commitment from government to deliver changes in the residential leasehold sector and indicates intention to reform the law in this area after many years of debate and discussion – a debate at which ALEP is proud to have been at the forefront.

“However, the measures announced today have thrown up more questions than they’ve answered for professionals working in enfranchisement. ALEP is calling for further clarity regarding the timescales of these changes, when the first draft of this legislation will be released and more detail on what these changes will actually look like in practice. As this is just the first part of a ‘seminal two-part reforming legislation’ we are calling for more detailed information on what the next steps are and what they will include.

“Whilst we appreciate that an online calculator may help simplify matters, ALEP and its members have real concerns about how this will actually work in practice and wonder if this measure takes into account the complexities of marriage value calculations and the need to ensure that there is fairness for both leaseholders and freeholders.”

“ALEP has signalled its readiness to work with the Government in making the reforms practical and workable and has expressed an interest in joining the proposed Commonhold Council - a partnership of leasehold groups, specialists and government representatives - that would help prepare and pave the way for the more widespread introduction of commonhold to the housing market”.