Enfranchisement & Right to Manage Awards 2015

News on the Block is excited to launch the 2015 Enfranchisement and Right to Manage Awards 2015. 

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This year has been an exceedingly busy and demanding year with ever increasing interest in enfranchisement and right to manage claims. Practitioners have displayed and implemented an exceptional quality of work in the industry and the publication, ALEP’s media partner for 2015, is looking forward to recognising and celebrating these high levels of performance with you on the 4th June at The Underglobe, London.

We would be delighted to see ALEP members in attendance and News on the Block hopes to be able to congratulate you on the winners podium! The event is such a celebration and an evening to remember, with an opportunity for all to take a well earned break from your desks.
For more details and to book tickets please visit the website: www.theermas.co.uk