Leasehold Association reports sharp rise in activity amid lockdown

Wednesday 22 April 2020

Leasehold Association reports sharp rise in activity amid lockdown 

The Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners (ALEP), has reported a significant increase in interest as the COVID-19 lockdown gives leaseholders time to review their lease extension.

ALEP's website has experienced a major spike in traffic since the beginning of March as leaseholders, and freeholders, find out more about enfranchisement options and source accredited practitioners. 

Clare Grove, ALEP’s Marketing Manager, said: "We have seen a consistent increase in web visitors since the lockdown started, with almost 25% more traffic than we would usually see. Extending your lease is one of those tasks that can seem a bit daunting and is often put to the bottom of the pile, but it seems as though the enforced lockdown has given leaseholders the time they need to address the issue."

Feedback from ALEP member firms has also reinforced the statistics, with many members reporting an increase in enquiries during the last few weeks. 

The ALEP website, provides insight into the enfranchisement process and helps leaseholders and freeholders find vetted professionals who can support them through the process.

Clare Grove continued: "As a lease is a depreciating asset, it is so important to act in a timely manner and to use reliable, professional practitioners. With everything else going on with Coronavirus, if people find themselves with time on their hands now would be a perfect time to start the process, and ALEP is here to help."