ALEP Directors pen letter to Housing Minister calling for Government response to Law Commission’s recommendations for leasehold reform

Directors of the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners (ALEP) have written to Housing Minister, Christopher Pincher MP calling for an update on when the Government will issue its response to the Law Commission’s recommendation for leasehold reform. 

In July 2020, the Law Commission presented Government with its recommendations for reform which, if adopted, would hail huge changes to the way the current leasehold system operates. 

John Midgley, ALEP Director, explains: “Whilst we appreciate this has been a challenging year for Government – as it has for everyone – we must not lose sight of important changes that will not only impact ALEP’s members, but the enfranchisement sector and wider property industry. 

“The ALEP Directors felt it was imperative that we contact the Housing Minister and ask for an update as to when a response to recommendations will be issued.” 

At ALEP’s recent Annual Conference, the Law Commission’s recommendations were discussed during an expert panel debate, and members were surveyed on their thoughts on reform and how far away they feel changes were likely to be. A snapshot of member views demonstrates: 

  • 82% of members think that reform is necessary 
  • 12% think reforms are less than three years away 
  • 56% think reforms are three to five years away 
  • 27% think reforms are five to ten years away

John concluded: “We will keep our members informed with any response received from the Housing Minister and look forward to next year when, hopefully, the sector will have further clarity as to the timescale of reforms to the leasehold enfranchisement system which will no doubt be subject to further debate and discussion.”