ALEP gives a general welcome to leasehold commitments from two major parties

The Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners (ALEP) has expressed a general welcome for leasehold manifesto commitments from Labour and the Conservatives ahead of the 2019 General Election.

ALEP gives a general welcome to leasehold commitments from two major parties

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In both the Conservative and Labour manifestos, both parties acknowledge the need to undertake reforms to leasehold law and practice. Both seem to agree that a ban on the sale of new leasehold houses should be implemented and that ground rents should be restricted to a peppercorn.

Mark Chick, ALEP Director, said: “As leasehold enfranchisement has garnered high-level political interest, it’s no surprise that both major parties have featured the issue in their general election manifestos.

“ALEP stands for best practice, transparency and fairness, so any proposed reforms that improve efficiencies and simplify the system are welcomed by the Association. Both parties make similar pledges to make the system fairer and clearer. ALEP stands ready to work with whichever party forms a government to provide advice on ensuring that the reforms are workable for all concerned.”

“Leasehold enfranchisement is a cross-party election issue and we eagerly await the next chapter of reform.”


  1. The Conservatives have acknowledged that that leasehold reform must take place, stating in manifesto titled: ‘Get Brexit Done: Unleash Britain’s Potential’: “We will continue with our reforms to leasehold including implementing our ban on the sale of new leasehold homes, restricting ground rents to a peppercorn, and providing necessary mechanisms of redress for tenants.”
  2. The Labour election manifesto, entitled ‘It’s Time For Real Change,’ pledges to end the sale of new leasehold properties; abolish the so-called “unfair fees and conditions” associated with new leaseholds; give leaseholders the right to buy their freehold at a price they can afford ; and, introduce equivalent rights for freeholder house owners on privately owned estates with mixed tenure including blocks of leasehold flats.
  3. In addition to the Manifesto commitments, Law Commission proposals are awaited. The Law Commission is prevented from unveiling the next set of enfranchisement law reform proposal until after the General Election because of purdah rules
  4. ALEP is an apolitical organisation