ALEP’s Honorary President, Damian Greenish, Presents at the 39th Annual Blundell Lectures

ALEP’s Honorary President, Damian Greenish, presents at the 39th annual Blundell Lectures


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Damian Greenish, ALEP’s Honorary President, has been invited to give one of 2014’s prestigious Blundell Lectures.

The lecture, which will take place on 30 June at the Royal College of Surgeons, will focus on the definition of “house” in s.2(1) of the Leasehold Reform Act 1967. This question has given rise to problems for many years and many had hoped that the decision of the Supreme Court in Hosebay v Day would settle the difficulties for good.  Damian, Chairman of Pemberton Greenish and a Partner in Residential Real Estate, together with Barrister Stephanie Tozer, will address the question of whether or not this has happened – or are the problems just beginning?

Celebrating its 39th anniversary, the Blundell Series provides innovative, ground-breaking discussions on key developments in property law and practice. 

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