Best practice the ALEP way: do your homework before pursuing leasehold enfranchisement

Best practice the ALEP way: do your homework before pursuing leasehold enfranchisement

‘“Legal and Liable” – The Role of the Solicitor and Valuer in Enfranchisement’ was the topic of conversation at a recent ALEP Conference and in this article, we revisit some of the key points central to this relationship.  

Experienced duo Katherine Simpson, a leasehold solicitor of Edwin Coe, and Chartered Surveyor, Mike Tibbatts of Scrivener Tibbatts took to the stage in a double act presentation to discuss the important roles of both solicitor and valuer. A key theme was how they can interlink with each other when working on leasehold enfranchisement cases, in order to achieve the best outcome for their respective client.

Katherine and Mike covered the ‘dos and don’ts’ and outlined ways in which solicitor and valuer can work together efficiently and methodically, with practical advice in abundance throughout. For example, the duo extolled the virtues of the solicitor taking responsibility to keep the statutory diary but noted that it is a good idea for valuers to keep a note of all dates, so important case deadlines are not missed.  

Areas of clear definition where crossover would be unacceptable were also outlined to offer members sensible advice they could use in their everyday working lives. 

Katherine and Mike’s presentation provided ALEP’s members with some food for thought. Indeed, the Association exists to encourage best practice, fairness and transparency amongst professionals serving the sector. Therefore, ALEP advises that it is logical for anyone seeking to go through the enfranchisement process to appoint a valuer first and foremost. It is then sensible to find out how much it will cost to enfranchise before appointing a solicitor. Getting a handle on the likely costs up front is vital as if the cost is too high, there would be little point in proceeding with the process and tenants may need to look at alternatives such as selling the property or being in a better financial situation before continuing. 

It is ALEP’s mission to make the enfranchisement process simpler and easier for all. By providing a platform whereby professionals working within the sector can come together and discuss ways to work together more effectively for the mutual benefit of the client, the Association is making a positive contribution to improving working practices across the enfranchisement sector. 

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