ALEP supports Leasehold Forum Summer Conference

ALEP is delighted to support Leasehold Forum Summer Conference, which is taking place on Thursday 16th July 2015 at the Reigate Manor Hotel, Reigate, Surrey. 


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Time: 11.00 am – 4.00 pm, including lunch
Conference fee: £115 (no VAT applicable)
CPD: 5 hours, certificate provided

To register for the Conference and to receive an invoice for payment, please complete the booking form: CLICK HERE 

Please note that this is not an ALEP event and all bookings must be made using the form above. 

Event details: 

The new summer event provides a shorter-day Conference, allowing office time at each end of the day but maintaining the same Leasehold Forum standard of presentations and debate.

Chaired by Anna Favre, the theme of the Conference is “The long and the short of it”.

As well as a legal update from leading lawyers, we will be looking at the real-world problems of finding evidence for unimproved long-lease and short-lease values.

What are the Tribunals seeking, and is it available? How does a valuer find and adjust comparable evidence? How reliable are graphs and indices?

These and other issues will be discussed in the usual Forum format with the full involvement of delegates.

Discussion will be open, respecting the Chatham House Rule.

Chairman: Anna Favre, Partner, Pemberton Greenish

Legal update
Nathaniel Duckworth and Joseph Ollech, Falcon Chambers
What we need to know about recent significant decisions and the implications to enfranchisement legislation.

Long- and Short-Lease Values
Roger Nelson, Each Side Leasehold, and Colin Wetherall, House & Son
Jean Howe, Kirkby Diamond, and Harriet Fleming, Rumball Sedgwick

The two linked sessions look at:

• Researching for comparables, the availability and accuracy of sources;
• Adjusting for improvements, repair, location, date and term;
• Evaluating risks of delay before rights arise in very short leases;
• The Upper Tribunal preference for “open-market” evidence;
• Adjusting for purchase with benefit of notice; do purchasers pay more because of their potential rights?

We look forward to welcoming you to the Conference

Peter Haler, Richard Innis, Andrew Pridell, Geoff Holden