ALEP receives ministerial response

On 17 April 2023, ALEP contacted the government calling for an urgent amendment to the Building Safety Act 2022 (‘BSA’) which was causing doubt and uncertainty for leaseholders and the professionals trying to advise them.

We are pleased to have received a response to this letter from Mr Lee Rowley MP over the summer and are pleased to share it here.

Mr Rowley writes:

“I want to assure you that the Government is committed to legislating to address this issue as soon as Parliamentary time allows. 

We revised the guidance on GOV.UK on 21 April to be clearer on how the leaseholder protections are affected by lease extensions in response to the feedback provided by ALEP and other stakeholders. I hope this has been helpful, though I appreciate a legislative amendment is required to provide that extensions of qualifying leases are covered by the leaseholder protections in the Building Safety Act 2022.”

Mark Chick, ALEP Director:

“We are encouraged to have now received a reply to our letter of April and are hopeful that this signals that the matter will be addressed in future legislation, which we very much hope will be announced in the King’s Speech in November. In the meantime, we would reiterate our calls for government to move swiftly for the sake of all those affected by the uncertainty caused by this issue.